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Nelsen, Ancher (OH-146) National Administrator of Rural Electrification
Administration, 1953-56; Congressman from Minnesota, 1959-75. [COHP] 1970. 35 pages.
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Nevins, Arthur
(OH-119) Military associate with Eisenhower in the Philippines,
1936-38, and during World War II; manager of the Eisenhower Gettysburg Farm, beginning in 1950. [COHP] 1970. 87 pages.
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Nevins, Arthur (OH-380) [EL] 1972. 78 pages.
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Newsom, Herschel (OH-306) Master of the National Grange, 1950-68; member
of various boards and commissions in the Eisenhower administration. [COHP] 1968. 109 pages.
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Nichols, Kenneth D. (OH-262) Chief of the Armed Forces Special Weapons
Project, 1948-50; Deputy Director of Guided Missiles in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, 1950-53; General Manager of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 1953-55; member of Army Science Advisory Panel, 1956-65. [COHP] (written permission) 1967. 101 pages.
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Norstad, Lauris (OH-385) Commander in Chief, U.S. and Allied Air Forces in Central Europe, 1951; Air Deputy, SHAPE, 1953-56; Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, SHAPE, 1956-63. [EL] 1976. 52 pages.
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Norstad, Lauris (OH-558) [OTHER] 1987. 314 pages.